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Food & Dining in Moldova


In Moldova, there are plenty of small restaurants and coffee shops. The service tends to be slow, but the cuisine is delicious, with a range of traditional national dishes and European food.

There are a lot of good places to eat all over Moldova. Cheap, tasty food that is very popular with the locals is served in most places. For better service and more diverse food, there are a lot of small restaurants and cafés. Good restaurants have prices comparable to those elsewhere in Europe.

For a quick lunch, fast food and pizza shops are recommended; these can be found at nearly every corner.


Chisinau is a good place for food lovers. There are plenty of good places to eat all over Chisinau. The cheap, tasty food that is very popular with the locals is served in most places. For better service and more diverse food selection, there are a lot of small restaurants and cafés. Some restaurants have prices comparable to Europe, although if you eat only in those you may find yourself being ripped off. For a quick lunch, try fast food stores and pizzerias, these can be found on nearly every corner. Beef is often under the veal part of the menu.

The café at Sun City that is built over the roadway has some of the best zaema in the city, despite its slow service.

Andy's Pizza is a fast food restaurant which is found all over the city. La Placinte is another restaurant owned by the same people, serving traditional Moldovan cuisine. The quality of the food is far more reliable and good, at decent affordable prices far below that found in Western Europe.

The eclectic interior décor of Cactus Café (Strada Armenească 41) is matched by the city's most creative menu. There are incredible breakfasts (a rarity in these parts), lots of vegetarian meals, wild plates such as turkey with bananas and the country's most killer gazpacho.

The restaurant owned by the Green Hills company on Stephan cel Mare is excellent, although prices are comparable to European ones.

Robin Pub & Restaurant is a medium sized place with a friendly English style pub atmosphere. This pub has a wide variety of meals from fish to pasta. Menu is in English and the staff knows a little English as well. Like a typical pub grub, the food is fast, hot and decent.

Pizza House (133 Stefan cel Mare), serves a variety of dishes including pizza, pasta and local favourites. They have a lunch special for about 50 Lei. Prices for a full meal range 40-100 Lei.

For Mexican dishes, head to El Paso (Strada Armenească 10). The menu runs the gamut from quesadillas to salmon in chilli sauce and pork with chocolate-almond sauce

Symposium Wine Bar, offers a variety of meals including steak, lamb and pasta. They have an excellent selection of Moldovan wines. Prices for a full meal with drinks range from 250-500 Lei.

Of all Chisinau's popular dining places, you'll be returning to Beer House (brewery-cum-restaurant) again and again; most likely for its four delicious home-brewed beers, but also for its excellent menu, which ranges from chicken wings and soups to rabbit and chicken grilled in cognac. Its relaxed ambience and impeccable service add to the charm. Beer House is located on Bulevardul Negruzzi 6/2.

The orange Beleas stalls all around the city offer cheap and warm food which is very good in winter, and usually "quick and tasty" as advertised (repede si gustos) in Romanian.




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