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Entertainment & Nightlife in Moldova


Moldova has a long local wines tradition. Especially the reds are popular throughout the country.

Nightlife is Moldova is exciting with so many night clubs, pubs and bars; nightlife in Moldova is both vibrant and colourful. There are a number of nightclubs in Moldova, ranging from the discos to pubs. Chisinau has a lot of nightclubs for your dancing pleasure.


Like any other city, Chisinau has a charm and warmth all its own. Visitors can easily find some interesting activities in Chisinau. In the fall and winter the local opera and concert circuit comes alive. The Eminescu Music & Drama Theatre specialises in Romanian productions, as does the Youth Theatre Luceafarul (Poetic Star). All performances in the Chekhov Drama Theatre are exclusively in Russian (the building used to be the Chisinau Choral Synagogue). The Philharmonia Concert Hall houses Moldova’s Symphony Orchestra. It is also the base for the folklore Doina Choir, the internationally-renowned Zhok National Dance Ensemble and the Fluerash Orchestra of National Music. Russian and Romanian productions can be seen in the puppet theatre Licurici (Glow-worm). The country is famous for its tradition of folk arts and there are many lively musical groups (tarafs), which play a variety of rare folk instruments including the tsambal (not unlike a dulcimer), cimpoi (bagpipe), fluier and nai.

Star Track Disco Cclub has very nice and original interior design, reminding one of the famous Star Track movie. Located in the Rishcani district, it has erotic shows and other shows including acrobatic after the midnight. Entrance fees are 20-30 leis on weekdays and 40 leis for ladies and 60 for gentlemen on weekends.

Tucked in behind the parliament buildings the dome-shaped City Club offers tables that can be reserved for 300 lei in the back and 200 lei right on the dance floor. All the tables may look reserved but they are open for purchase. Listen to the electronic music amongst the red décor. Do not be surprised if the bouncers begin shoving you around – if you get too close to a VIP table, take a drink too far from the bar, or do not move out of the way quickly enough when performers enter the dance floor.

Booze Time Club is a club with a slight rustic feel as it is nearly all wood. Somewhat of a university bar feel with electronic music. Booze Time will be full than City Club on off nights. Bartenders here like to put on a show as well.

Deja Vu is a smaller basement pub club. Quite intimate but watch out for the harmless bar top antics where staff pour drinks down customer throats in a sexually suggestive manner. This is a good thing be sure to order the flaming sambuca. It's a good show. A mix of pop electronica and club R & B. Just don't be surprised if your bar tab ends up being twice as expensive as expected. But as some shots involve 3-4 staff working to keep you safe as the entire bar is engulfed in flames while bar tenders juggle liqueur bottles turned Molotov cocktails. Cash only. They take euros. It's a must if you want a good night out.

Millennium Discotheque is a relatively new club. Located in the Botanica district, it has a very nice interior. As an American friend of mine said it could fit anywhere in America or western Europe. It also has erotic shows and strip dancers. Entrance fees are about 20-30 leis on weekdays and 40 leis for ladies and 60 for gentlemen on weekends.

Night Club La Victor is located in the central part of the city. Along with Star Track, Millennium and City Club it is one of the best night clubs in Chisinau. The cost on Saturdays and Fridays is about 60 leis per person on the rest of the days it is about 20-25 leis. There are different shows after the midnight.




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