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Doing Business in Moldova


Under the Moldovan legislation, business (entrepreneurial) activity is the activity of production of goods, performance of works and provision of services carried out independently by citizens and their associations on their own behalf, risk and responsibility for the purpose of obtaining a permanent source of income.

In Moldova , business activity may be practised by:

• any Moldovan citizen possessing full legal capacity;
• any foreign citizen or stateless person;
• a group of citizens and/or stateless persons (partners) considered to be a collective entrepreneur;
• any enterprise.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons practising business activity in Moldova benefit the same rights as Moldovan citizens.

In Moldova business activity should be practised in the form of an enterprise. An enterprise is considered to be a business entity, which has its own brand name and is established by an entrepreneur in the procedure stipulated by law.

An enterprise is entitled to practice any types of activity, with the exception of those prohibited by law. An enterprise may practice certain types of activity determined by the legislation only after obtaining a licence or permission from a competent authority. Certain activities may be carried out only by state enterprises.

Forms of Business Organisation

Moldovan law stipulates that business activity may be practised in any of the following business forms:

• sole proprietorship;
• partnership – general (full liability) and limited liability;
• limited liability company;
• joint stock company;
• cooperative – production and business;
• lease enterprise;
• state and municipal enterprise.

In enterprises which are established as a sole partnership, a full liability partnership and a limited liability partnership the property of the founders is not separated from the property of the enterprise and the founders bear unlimited responsibility for the debts of the enterprise.

An enterprise is deemed to be created at the moment of its state registration in the procedure established by applicable law.

Enterprises, their branches and representative offices (establishments) are registered by regional branch authorities of the Moldovan State Registration Chamber.

For the purpose of state registration of the enterprise, its founders shall submit to a regional branch authority of the Registration Chamber the documents stipulated by current Moldovan legislation.

The Registration Chamber is obliged to check the legality of the submitted documents and no later than within 15 days from the receipt date thereof adopt a decision on registration or on refusal of registration of an enterprise. A registered enterprise is assigned a registration number, which, being an identification number of the enterprise, shall be indicated in the constituent documents, the registration certificate and the seal of the enterprise.

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