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Business Etiquettes in Moldova

Business Meeting

It is best to show up on time and if possible greet the most important person at the meeting first. A few minutes of small talk generally occurs but isn’t necessarily expected.

Most meetings have a written agenda with predetermined speakers to begin and end the meeting. Who these people are depends on the type of meeting.

Titles are important and it is best to address people directly by using “Mr”, “Mrs”, or “Miss”, followed by the surname. One should always wait to be invited to use first names before doing so yourself.

Business Negotiation

It is best to remain calm when trying to negotiate a price. Avoid hard selling and any sort of conflict or confrontation.

Business Dressing

For men, appropriate dressing will be pants, button down, suit jacket, tie (optional) and polished shoes. As for women, slacks or skirt, dress shirt and polished shoes. Jeans and less casual attire are usually not appropriate in business settings.

Make sure shoes are cleaned and polished. People will look down on you if you have worn looking shoes.

Gift Giving Etiquette

Gifts are generally left to social situations. It is possible to celebrate a colleague’s birthday at a party at work and then gifts may be exchanged. Gifts generally aren’t wrapped.

Most people give flowers or maybe some type of home décor item i.e. a clock or a set of dishes or a picture frame. Generally if you are giving a gift as opposed to flowers you probably know the person better. Giving wine is also acceptable.

Business Cards

There is no specific protocol surrounding the giving and receiving of business cards. It is always best to treat the card with respect.




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